Pioneer's New HUD Brings Augmented Reality to Cars for Less Than $1,000

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Just a couple of years ago, the idea of a device projecting information driving directions onto a car's windshield seemed super futuristic. Now they're becoming a reality, with the European release of Pioneer's NavGate head-up display the latest. And believe it or not, this one's actually pretty affordable.

The new but long-awaited augmented reality NavGate system clips onto the driver's side visor and uses lasers to create an image that's equivalent to a 30-inch display placed about 15 feet in front of the vehicle. It displays everything from turn-by-turn directions and estimated time of arrival to the current speed and speed limits. It can also pair up with a smartphone and works with the CoPilot and iGo Primo navigation apps. BMW makes a similar system for some of its models, while other companies like Garmin and Cadillac offer more basic versions. If you're having a hard time imagining what all this might look like, rewatch RoboCop, and it should make more sense.


Pioneer's NavGate will be available in Europe next month for a cool £600 (about $933). It's unclear when the technology will make it over to this side of the pond. At that price, though, it ought to make a splash when it does. [Pioneer via Engadget]

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Ok, this is TERRIBLE. I already listen to this when I'm in my car driving.

Giving me a HUD is going to be the death of me, especially if I find a way to integrate the Star Wars-themed voice packs that TomTom had a few years back.…

PS I wish I could read Japanese :(