Pit Stop Portable Urinal: 1.25 Gallons Before Stopping

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Here s Pit Stop, the portable urinal designed for truckers that's tailor-made for guys and gals with promises to keep. The receiving end is designed to be mounted on the wall of a truck s sleeper cab, while the leakproof container at the other end of the five-foot transfer hose is self-sealing with a quick-disconnect mechanism. The 1.25-gallon tank s carrying handle facilitates easy transport of all of that detritus without danger of spillage, and is probably big enough for a non-stop coast-to-coast haul.

Now if somebody would just figure out a way to refuel a truck on the fly, those big rigs would never have to stop. Miles to go before you sleep? Pick one up for $59.95.


Product page [via Strange New Products]

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