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Pixel Magic has released the HD Media Box, a hard drive-based device that plays back pretty much any format of digital media you throw at it, including 1080p video, the current Holy Grail of high definition displays. The HD Media Box supports HDMI connections (which, hopefully, you're not paying artificially high prices for) as well as the older DVI and component connections, ensuring that the box works with even the oldest of HD displays.


With the HD Media Box, users can enjoy MPEG 1/2/4, DVDs (.iso and .vob), Divx+Xvid and WMV9-encoded video files; MP3 and WAV files are also supported. Think of it as a high-tech jukebox, but one that you don't need to keep feeding nickels to in order to keep the good times rollin'.


The HD Media Box supports hard drives up to 500GB in size, but, naturally, no hard drive is included in the package. At around $360, it's not exactly an impulse buy, but for people who shy away from the idea of having a PC in their theater room, it could be an attractive alternative to picking sides in the high definition DVD war.

Product Page [Pixel Magic Systems via The Red Ferret Journal]

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