The day a parent hands over the spoon to a toddler learning to feed themselves is the same day that meal cleanup becomes infinitely more involved. Overturned bowls and spills are inevitable, but possibly less frequent if this silicone placemat with a built-in segmented bowl succeeds in its Kickstarter campaign.


Products made from food-grade silicone already invaded our kitchens years ago because they're easy to clean, dishwasher-safe, heat-resistant, and surprisingly durable. And the material is particularly well-suited for use here because when placed flat on a table the Less Mess Happy Mat will actually temporarily suction cup itself to the surface, making it impossible for a child to smack it away during a tantrum.

A donation of $25 gets you one of the mats when they're available this December, but that depends on if the Less Mess Happy Mat's Kickstarter campaign can raise $35,000, and there are no unforeseen problems during production. So here's to hoping there aren't, because this solution is a lot more elegant than simply duct taping a plastic bowl to your dining room table. [Kickstarter - Less Mess Happy Mat via BLTD]

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