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Planetarium-Tellurium Clock Tells Time, Position of Solar System

Illustration for article titled Planetarium-Tellurium Clock Tells Time, Position of Solar System

Looking like something Doc would own in Back to the Future, Richard Mille's Planetarium-Tellurium clock is a beautifully intricate device, able to provide extremely accurate details about the workings of our Solar System. The clock provides not only the exact positions of the Earth, Venus, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon (who needs the other planets, anyway?) but the current axis of the Earth, its position relative to the Sun, the rotation of the Moon, and even the current signs of the Zodiac.


Mille used a famed astronomer-physicist to help with the exact calculations, and the only data that's a bit faulty is the current axis of the Earth — which can get off by plus or minus one degree every 7.7 years (just faulty, faulty craftsmanship.) No price or release info just yet, but we're going to guess it's going to cost somewhere between a flux capacitator and a human kidney. [WatchLuxus via Technobob]

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