Illustration for article titled Plantronics Patents Nod-Powered Bluetooth Headset

One way to increase the potency of Bluetooth headsets as social poison is to wear them while affecting strange, inexplicable and constant head movement. With Plantronics' new movement-charged headset design, that may become a necessity. The device relies on a small flywheel that, when rotated in a magnetic field, draws enough current to power the headset. Plantronics claims that the system would harvest enough energy to power the headset during constant use, which is actually pretty impressive. If it works as advertised, it would beat the hell out of some of the more cumbersome approaches to the headset charging problem. While the patent isn't too revealing, the charging apparatus at least sounds like it could be repurposed in any number of other gadgets, potentially increasing battery life of high-draw products that we tend to move around anyway. [New Scientist]


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