Please, don't drink this frog smoothie for your erection problems

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While traveling in Peru last year, London filmmaker and amphibian aficionado Lucy Cooke witness firsthand how the critically endangered Titicaca Water Frog (Telmotobius Culeus, which happens to be Latin for "aquatic scrotum") was being liquified for aphrodisiac smoothies in downtown Lima. Explains Cooke:

I've heard that the Titicaca frogs, along with other Telmatobius species, are also the key ingredient of "frog juice" - an aphrodisiac sold in the food markets of the Peruvian capital. This traditional recipe sees the frogs placed in a blender along with a bunch of herbs and honey and drunk as a shake. How anything involving a Moulinex mixer can be described as traditional I don't know, but I do know I have to investigate.

Dear humanity, stop hunting animals into extinction because people can't get it up. Thank you.

[Lucy Cooke via Super Punch]