Polar's A300 Is a Solid Fitness Tracker You Shouldn't Buy

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Polar has come a long way since its first fitness tracker, the Polar Loop, launched in 2013. Just months ago the Finnish company released the Polar M400, a lovely and capable GPS running watch with 24/7 fitness tracking capabilities. It was sweet enough to earn a coveted spot on our Best Fitness Trackers list. Today, Polar is announcing the A300. It's, basically, just the M400, but without the GPS, and it's $40 cheaper. No sale.


Listen, it's not that the A300 isn't a capable wearable in the pantheon of fitness trackers. It counts your steps and activity levels, it automatically monitors your sleep patterns, it has a decent screen to display the info, it can pair with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor. It's all fine and good, and $140 isn't a bad price. But, for a measly $40 more, you can get the $180 M400, which does all of that, plus it's a fully-functional GPS running watch with advanced smart coaching features. That is absolutely, 100 percent worth forty bucks, even if you're not a runner/jogger yet, you'll be covered if/when you decide you want to be. (Yay 2015!)

The A300 will be available in February in white, black, pink, blue, grey and yellow. It'll be $140 for the watch alone or $180 for the watch bundled with the H7 Bluetooth heart rate monitoring chest strap. Again, don't buy it. Get the M400 instead. [Polar]


Mike Ashland

Me, and the rest of the world, await a full-time heart rate monitor that does not require a strap. There's no substitute for using your heart rate for aerobic exercise.