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Police Searching for This Man Who Allegedly Posted a Murder Live on Facebook

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Cleveland Police Department is searching for a man named Steve “Stevie Steve” Stephens in connection with the murder of an elderly man that was broadcast live on Stephens’ Facebook page. In earlier posts, he claimed to be perpetrating an “Easter day slaughter.”

Stephens’ Facebook page has since been deleted. Video of the incident is still going around but we will not post it. According to Heavy, over the course of several posts over four hours, Stephens claimed that he had killed 12-15 others and he wouldn’t stop until his mother and another woman call him on the phone. At one point he wrote, “I’m the #goodguy,” and complained “three years I spent with this bitch … I wish we never met.” The killer made the elderly man say the woman’s name before shooting him.


Police have confirmed that the shooting of the elderly man was real and that it occurred at 635 East 93rd Street. They have warned the public that the suspect is armed and to not approach him. The full description says that he is “6’1" 244lb, bald with a full beard. Wearing dark blue and grey or black striped polo shirt. White or cream-colored SUV.”

It’s still unclear if Stephens is truly the person responsible for the murder or if the claims of other murders are true. But police certainly need to get in contact with this man to determine who the perpetrator is. Another photo is below: