Illustration for article titled Politics Are What Held Up WiMax In San Francisco

San Franciscans are among the likely folks in America to take to WiMax 4G. So why'd they have to wait so long to get it, despite indications that it was pretty much ready to launch months ago? Hooray, bureaucracy!


Apparently the people who push pencils in the San Francisco government have among the strictest cell antenna approval processes in the country, which caused a whopping eight months of red tape delays. As though that weren't bad enough, when Sprint and WiMax finally did get approval, they were hit with an appeal over earthquake preparedness.


Fortunately, it looks as though that's all old news at this point, as 4G has kicked in for the Bay area. Somewhere, some HTC Evo owner finally got all the phone he paid for. [SF Weekly via Engadget]

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