Poll: Men Spend 8 Minutes Per Day Stalking Partners On Facebook (That's It?)

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The Survey of 2000 UK adult men and women also found that:
• 15 percent had updated their Facebook status to make current, or ex-partners jealous.
• 48 percent read their partner's emails to check for cheating
• 20 percent had scratched a car with a key
• 39 percent had spread rumors about an ex for revenge

So by the looks of it, half the responders are in paranoid relationships, and just under that same amount will spread lies about you when you break up. Does that sound right to you? What's your experience with Facebook and exes?

The interest comes after an 18 year old girl was sentenced to three months in a young offenders' institution after hounding another girl of the same age for years, ultimately making a death threat over Facebook. (The survey was commissioned by Alibi, a crime drama channel.) [Telegraph]