Pong Played with Two Smart Cars, But What About Grand Theft Auto?

In a publicity stunt to demonstrate just how quickly an electric car can accelerate, Smart created this unique test drive where a couple of electric Fortwos were used as controllers in a giant game of Pong.


Although rapidly accelerating forwards and back isn't exactly the most ideal way to take a car for a test drive, we'll admit this stunt is still pretty ballsy. Even with safety walls and gravel pits to quickly stop the cars, there's still the potential for one to get out of control as a player raced to make a save. But then again, these are electric Smart cars we're talking about. A Hot Wheels car racing down a plastic track has more potential to cause injury. [YouTube via Dvice]

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On Top Gear, the played Football/Soccer with gas cars... that's a better demo if you ask me. Also... i've never been concerned about the acceleration of an electric car as much as the range...