Porsche's New Pens Extend and Retract Their Tips With a Simple Shake

They're not designed for those with emphatic penmanship, but Porsche Design's lovely new Shake Pens will definitely appeal to those who like a perfect balance of form and function. Sure, the two designs might be a little on the chunky side, but that's easy to forgive, since they house a mechanism that allows their ballpoint tips to retract and extend with a simple shake of the wrist.


The all-black model on the left with its twisting rifled barrel will set you back just north of $200, but the silver option—which is still a looker in its own right—is a little more affordable at almost $130. Both fall well north of what your standard blue BIC will cost you, but compared to one of Porsche's vehicles—which doesn't offer any shaking functionality whatsoever—these are a steal. [Porsche Design via Notcot]

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