Portable Gaming Has Never Been as Beautiful as this Handheld Wooden Emulator

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Thanks to designer Love Hultén, it’s now painfully clear that Nintendo missed a golden opportunity with the Game Boy Advance SP. There were many different colors and styles of the console available, but never a wooden version as beautiful as Hultén’s PE358.

The custom-made PE358’s American walnut housing folds in half just like the GBA SP did, and inside you’ll find a Raspberry Pi A+-powered emulator that’s more than capable of playing the same games. But because the PE358 doesn’t have a slot, you’ll need to hunt down the ROMs for your favorite GBA SP games instead of digging up all your old cartridges.


And unlike most of Love Hultén’s custom arcade machines that are one-off creations, there’s a chance that handheld gaming fans might actually be able to buy his PE358 in the coming months. We’ll keep you posted! [Love Hultén]


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