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Portable Grill: Now you can BBQ on the Subway

Illustration for article titled Portable Grill: Now you can BBQ on the Subway

This Fold-Flat Barbecue could make you the most popular guy on the block this summer. It's not like it's the first portable grill, but it is probably the easiest to carry around. It's made of pressed steel and folds out into a 45 x 30 cm cooking area with a high enough windbreak to cope with a stiff summer breeze.


This Briefcase Grill could have been the perfect answer to the prayers of those NY subway travellers who had the misfortune to be on the same train as Borat and his hens. Char-grilled chicken wings could have been the perfect way to calm everyone down. It costs $40 on its own and $50 with the rucksack.

Product Page [I Want One Of Those via Sci-Fi Tech]

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Transporting charcoal? stupid idea (notice word portable, albeit burning anything in some places is a crime). Wood such as mesquite/whatever beats the hell out of propane every day. I like it, but it would ONLY be a worthy product if it were stainless. Otherwise it would be a disposable grill.

"I have found..." that having someone else cook and then personally feed me is much better.