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Making something portable usually means stripping away the excess plastic and coming up with a streamlined beauty. Not in the world's first portable Sega Saturn's case though, which comes to us via the forums.

The Saturn's been dead and gone for 11 years now, so modder Evil Nod certainly earns our kudos for turning it portable—and making me remember those brilliantly hilarious Saturn adverts from the mid-90s. If you haven't seen the delights of the Segata Sanshiro adverts on YouTube, definitely check them out.


Going back to the portable creation, it's just the full-sized console slimmed down and stuck in an ugly box, with a 7-inch LCD screen for playing NiGHTS Into Dreams and Virtua Cop. In the words of Segata Sanshiro, "you must play the Sega Saturn!" [ forums via Engadget]

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