Potential Fix Available For Banned Xbox 360 Users

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The millions of Xbox Live players who were banned because of their modded Xbox 360 consoles may get a second chance with some firmware workarounds. Beware though, it's a complicated process.


First you'll need to get iXtreme LT, which'll attempt to return your console to a playable state. The catch is that you need to know your CPU code and that the instructions rely on a lot of different (free) tools.

Has anyone used this or another workaround to get their Xbox playing again? [DailyTech via Crunchgear]



The problem with this, though, is that you need a working, unbanned console, and when you're done you can't run both consoles online at the same time. So, for example, if you used a friend's Xbox, you could never again play online with that friend... or even play an online game at the same time as your friend.

Kind of limits the fix, unless you know someone who never uses Live. #bannedxboxworkaround