Power Through YouTube Videos by Speeding Them Up

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You might put your podcasts on a faster speed to get through them more quickly, and you can do the same on any YouTube video—the feature is built right into the platform. Get through tutorials, video podcasts, long talks, and other content in double-quick time so you can move on to something more interesting.


It’s not a particularly difficult option to find, though chances are a lot of casual YouTube users haven’t noticed it’s there. Click the cog icon on the playback bar and choose your new speed accordingly. It’s all made possible by YouTube’s switch to HTML5 as its video format of choice (unfortunately you can’t yet change the speed on YouTube’s mobile apps).

Obviously this is going to work much better for recorded lectures than it will for your favorite music videos, but it’s a handy option to have—if you find the pace going too fast you can slow down videos as well, down to a half or a quarter speed (something to bear in mind the next time you’re trying to learn a tie knot or a new musical instrument).


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I just tried playing a podcast at a faster speed, I have way too many hours of audio to catch up to, and it’s awful.

People listen faster than 1x speed? It was so choppy, how do you follow anything they're saying?