Powerpoint Docs Point to Immersion vs. Nintendo Suit

These Powerpoint presentation slides unearthed by Rumor Reporter shine new light onto a possible suit on Nintendo by Immersion. Immersion, if you don't remember, is the same company that recently won their suit with Sony for millions of dollars (and settled with Microsoft earlier) regarding vibration in controllers. These new Immersion documents outline their somewhat slimy train of thought as they debate whether or not they want to bring Nintendo into court as well.

The reasons Immersion gives for suing Nintendo are getting profit stream of somewhere near $100 million over five years from them and building "recognition". The reasons against? Them having no guarantee of winning, no opportunity of working with Nintendo (MS and Sony haaaaaate them), and the fact that they'd be "effectively out of the game business". If you sue the three biggest players in an industry, yeah, you're pretty much fucked.


Despite all this, we think Immersion is going to go ahead and sue anyway. After all, what the hell else do they do as a business? [Rumor Reporter]

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