Powers TV show is almost a go, and Marvelman will be back within the year

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A big announcement for the TV version of the superpowered cop comic Powers is coming within days, says creator Brian Michael Bendis. Plus Marvelman is back within 12 months, and the CrossGen revival brings back one of its greatest writers.

We already know a little about the TV adaptation of Powers, Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Oeming's creators-owned book about cops trying to do their jobs in a world where lots of people - but definitely not everybody - have powers, and the two main cops are hiding secrets about their superpowers (or lack thereof). First announced back in February 2009, the show is being developed for FX, and Journeyman creator Kevin Falls is reportedly working with Bendis on the adaptation.


During today's Cup o Joe panel with Joe Quesada and other top Marvel brass, Bendis just announced that we are "days away from very good news" about the TV show. He didn't elaborate on exactly what the good news is, but considering the show is already known to be working towards a pilot, this could be fairly big news. Whatever it is - perhaps the announcement of an official start date for production? - consider it a great sign that the series is still moving forward.

Back on the comics front, Joe Quesada talked a little bit more about their acquisition of CrossGen, the short-lived comic books publisher that put out a wide range of comics from the space opera Sigil to the Victorian detective story Ruse, with almost every other possible genre represented. Quesada showed what looked to be new images from those two titles, and then said original CrossGen writer Mark Waid will be involved in the relaunch, with a strong implication that he'll be returning to his creation Ruse.


And what about Marvel's other big recent acquisition, Marvelman (also known as Miracleman)? The panel admitted that they're still working out how best to handle the character, whose rights purchased last year, but they said the character should make his return "definitely within the year." Although this year has seen the reprint of some Golden Age Marvelman strips, comics fans are still waiting for new Marvelman stories (and reprints of the Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman runs, for that matter). So consider this the official start of a twelve month countdown until the real return of Marvelman.