Predictive Texting Turning Kids Into Fast-Thinking Idiots, Scientists Predict

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A study published in the Journal of Bioelectromagnetics, says that children aged 11 to 14 abusing predictive texting in cellphones are turning into fast-thinking idiots. Sounds about right. Of course, lead researcher Professor Abramson doesn't say it exactly that way:

The kids who used their phones a lot were faster on some of the tests, but were less accurate. We suspect that using mobile phones a lot, particularly tools like predictive texts for SMS, is training them to be fast but inaccurate. Their brains are still developing so if there are effects then potentially it could have effects down the line, especially given that the exposure is now almost universal. The use of mobile phones is changing the way children learn and pushing them to become more impulsive in the way they behave.

More impulsive than a 14 year old? Oh noes.

Abramson—professor at the Monash University, Melbourne, Australia—says that they are not becoming stupid because of the cellphone radiation frying their brains, but because predictive texting trains their minds into thinking they can get what they want easily: "If you're used to operating in that environment and entering a couple of letters and getting the word you want, you expect everything to be like that."


As someone who sometimes goes around life unconsciously clicking "UNDO! UNDO!," and using the pinching gesture to resize things, I understand completely. OK, maybe that's just an excuse for the pinching, but you get the idea.

There's a way to easily solve this, however: Make cellphones only available for 16 year-olds and older. That way, they can start texting right when they get their driver's license. Another way is to let kids feed the crocodiles at the zoo, allowing them to hand in the food through the bars. Both ways will make some great LOLz Ytbe vids! [Daily Mail]