(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

At some point President Trump is going to forget about the 2016 election and Hillary Clinton’s emails and turn his attention to the nation’s business. But today is not that day. President Trump is awake, angry, and tweeting. And you can probably guess the topic.

Yes, President Trump has been in office for over six months and is still fixated on his former opponent Hillary Clinton. He started the morning with a tweet about Ukraine, a country that he accused of sabotaging his campaign and “working to boost Clinton.” He implored the Attorney General to look into this supposed Ukrainian influence, while tagging Fox News host and conspiracy theorist Sean Hannity in the tweet.

Then he moved on to Hillary Clinton’s “crimes” involving her emails. What alleged crimes he’d like investigated weren’t specified.

That shot at Attorney General Sessions as “weak” is meant to either get him to quit, or to get Sessions to start some kind of investigation into Clinton. Either way, multiple news outlets have reported that Trump wants to fire Sessions but simply doesn’t have the guts.


The president then tweeted about acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. President Trump said that McCabe’s wife received $700,000 from Hillary Clinton, which isn’t exactly true.

In reality, McCabe’s wife received $500,000 from a political action committee tied to Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (who, yes, is an ally of Clinton’s by the nature of being a Democrat himself) and she reportedly received another $207,788 from the Democratic Party of Virginia. It’s certainly fair to argue that political donations to McCabe’s wife present a conflict in some way I suppose, but it’s still a bit bizarre to watch.


But you’ll never guess what aired on Fox News shortly before Trump sent out his tweets. That’s right. More shit about Clinton and her destruction of phones with hammers, something that anyone practicing good opsec does when they’re disposing of old electronics.

Trump then moved on to tweets about today’s vote in the Senate about health care. After saying that Obamacare had been around for “17 years” yesterday, he finally got the number right:

But it still remains unclear whether Trump even understands the bill he’s promoting.

Trump continued his morning rage-tweetstorm with a kind message for John McCain, a man who he previously denigrated for getting captured in Vietnam.

McCain is racing back to Washington to help pass a bill that will strip health insurance from millions of Americans. And if he does that will certainly be his legacy. I’m not sure that we can call that the act of a hero though.

Again, Trump seems to be just livetweeting Fox & Friends this morning, like he does practically every morning.

And just as Fox News pivoted to more talk about Jared Kushner, Trump tweeted about it right on cue. He even suggested that the investigation into collusion would turn to include his 11-year-old son Barron.

It can be so easy to forget that the president is a man with the knowledge of 17 intelligence agencies at his fingertips. Yet he seems to spend hours of his time each morning doing nothing but watching TV news. It’d be funny if it weren’t so dangerous. Because as the Trump regime implodes (there’s open speculation about whether everyone from Reince Priebus to Rex Tillerson will quit or be fired) the nation suffers at home and abroad.


Correction: This story originally identified McCabe as the one who recommended that James Comey be fired. That was obviously Rod Rosenstein. I regret my own idiocy.