"Peaches" is one of those songs from the 90s that you always forget to remember. You loved it—everyone did. But for some reason, this masterpiece of post-grunge alt rock rarely shows up on any 90s playlists. That needs to stop.


Let's start with the video. For the entire first half, the band is playing in a peaceful, wooded clearing as they sing the praises of the succulent, downy fruit. Then ninjas attack. Ninjas attack our fruit troubadours for absolutely no reason other than a presumed malignance towards peaches and/or good sources of Vitamin C. But oh do our heroes ever fight back. And as always, goodness and healthy snacks prevail.

Wikipedia, however, has the most spectacular description of the song that has ever been wrought by human hands:

The lyrics of "Peaches" discuss a man moving to the country to eat vast quantities of canned peaches at no cost to him. Briefly mentioned is the hard-working American man who cans the peaches in a factory downtown. The narrator also speculates that a finger sized hole in a singular peach may hold an ideal hiding spot for an ant. He then warns the listener; "Look out!" he calls. There's a finite number of free peaches for him. Luckily, that number is in the millions.


So remember, boys and girls, the next time you're about to sink your teeth into a fuzzy, pink peach, say a prayer for all the ninjas that lost their lives in the process, for they knew not what they did.

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