Presslite Vertex Makes Photo Flash Bouncecard More Flexible

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Watch a professional photographer closely, and you'll see they sometimes modify the light coming out of their flashgun with a bit of white card held on by elastic bands. It's a simple way of scattering the flash to give even light coverage of a subject, and this new Presslite Vertex gizmo offers a more controlled way of doing the same thing. It's got a couple of adjustable vanes that let you send the flash light in almost any direction—including forwards and backwards at the same time—as the vid clip shows.

It can scatter your flash pretty much anywhere you want it, as you can see, and this kind of control would let you get really creative with your lighting. And you can fiddle around with it using just one hand, leaving the other free to adjust your camera controls. Of course the $34.95 you'll pay for this is a lot more than the few cents the traditional blank white filing-card and rubber band would set you back, but it'll last a whole lot longer. [Presslite]