Pretend You're Actually Venturing Outside With Wii Balance Board and Google Street View

Sort of like the hacked Wii Balance Board that'll surf Google Earth, but a little more down to earth, this mod will let you act like you're strolling through town with Google Street View. You walk to move forward or lean on one foot to turn—it actually seems to work pretty well. With a giant display, you could visit New York and walk around without suffering from the gross and smelly summer, or you know, just use it as another excuse to never leave the massive pillow fort you've converted your living room into. [ via Balanceboarding - Thanks Mark!]


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Considering I was just wondering aimlessly down memory lane via Google Maps and Street View, this would be pretty cool. Though, considering some of the memories, and not finding some places (the properties just don't exist anymore), this could be even more emotional.

@Reilaos~: Very nice idea! I could see doing a world-wide spy adventure or something with this.