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Urged on by the unusual trend of wearing your MP3 player around your neck, is this PRIE Tunetag I.D. leather case made for the iPod nano. It's in the style of a neck-strap I.D. badge holder, thus giving even more incentive for thieves and muggers to yank away your precious music player. There's also thankfully a transparent vinyl sheet which will protect the nano from scratches, while still allowing access to the click wheel and view of the screen. It'll also hold train passes and credit cards, but you already knew that. As cool as it is to show off your iPod bling around your neck like that, we probably won't feel too safe about it. Maybe hide it under your shirt or something when you're not showing the pass to the bus driver. Or, you know, don't use it and just slip it in a protective case, and in your pocket. But hey, we understand it if you want a chance to show off your nano love, and you can get one of these for $29.95 right now.

Tunetag I.D. [Tunewear via GearLive]