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For those unfortunate times when your iPod, multimedia player or cellphone run low on battery power, Princeton comes to the rescue with its emergency battery pack. Trying to add some functionality to the package, the company gave it an adjustable tilting dock, letting you prop up your portable multimedia player or smartphone so you can catch that last hour of that movie you were watching when the batteries unexpectedly quit.

Although the unit is fairly small at 3.7 inches tall by 2.2 inches wide and just a half an inch thick, why carry this two-ounce unit around when you can just get yourself an extra battery instead? That, and its plain-vanilla styling leave us nonplussed. But then, since it has a USB port for charging, it might serve as an extra battery for a variety of devices you might be carrying. Eh. On sale in Japan now for 4980 (around $42), there's no word on US availability yet.


PMB-BP18, the emergency battery for iPods and phones [Akihabara News]

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