Prison Maintains Ban on Dungeons & Dragons

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Before being sentenced to life in prison for first-degree homicide, Kevin Singer was an avid fan of tabletop roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons. His appeal to unban the game in prison failed though, so he won't be rolling anymore d10s.

Apparently officials at Wisconsin Waupun prison feel that D&D "promoted gang-related activity and was a threat to security." They originally banned the game back in 2004—after another inmate expressed "concern about Singer and three other inmates forming a "gang" focused around playing the game."

Singer has since then attempted to appeal that decision on the grounds that it "violated his free speech and due process rights." He lost his lawsuit in federal court and all of his D&D-related materials—including a 96-page scenario manuscript—were confiscated. [Oakland Tribune via Boing Boing]


Picture by Thomas Roche