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Who needs Twitter when you have E, this electronic device that senses how you feel at any given moment, and communicates that to other people who buy into this electronic nervous system? Simply pick up E, gesture how you feel, and it lets everyone else in on your secret. On the right in the pic above is Exo, and it knows when you've entered the room, and if you pick it up and pet it, it tells your friends you're happy, and if you shake it, it tells your friends you're mad. There's also a variety of status icons you can choose by tilting it forward or backward. That's just the beginning of the system, though.


The walk-around device for your forays into meatspace is called Evo (pictured at left), worn around the neck wherever you go. Using Bluetooth, it's able to sense when other E users are around, and lets you connect up with them by holding your Evos together. And when you get home, the data collected by your Evo is downloaded into Exo.

So far it's just a design concept, looking for investors and showing prototypes to all who will listen and fondle the odd-looking thingamajigs. The only problem with this "welcome to the social" idea—which sounds vaguely familiar to us for some reason—is that a critical mass of users must be achieved before it actually makes any sense. It would be tons of fun if all of a sudden everyone in the world had one. [Project E]


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