Projector Phone: Talk and Touch at the Same Time (If You Work in a Dark Cave)

Unless you're using a Bluetooth headset or their speakerphone, you can't really operate a touchscreen smartphone while it's held to your ear during a call. So this prototype once again merges a phone with a pico projector to give you full access to your device during a call, as well as the device of the person you're talking to.

Developed by the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany, this rather clunky looking smartphone mashup projects a large version of your device's display on a desk, or a wall, while you're talking to someone. Since the project is less concerned about the pico projector technology, which still needs to be used in a fairly dark room, and instead focuses on the synchronous collaboration between the people talking, one side of the projection features the UI for your device while the other features the UI for the person you're talking to.

Files can be easily dragged and dropped between the two UIs, calendar appointments can be easily synchronized, and even documents like maps and photos can be edited or annotated at the same time. By adopting more of a desktop approach to the smartphone UI, the prototype does make remote collaboration look a little more feasible. Even if the use of a projector throws privacy out the window, and requires you to keep all your lights off. [PicoProjector-Info via SlashGear]

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Denver is too damn high

Dark cave... MOM! Turn the lights off!!