Promising Qualcomm Mirasol Color eReader Displays Delayed Until Early 2011

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For all their critical acclaim, current tablets stink in direct sunlight. That's why Pixel Qi's "transflective" display and similar screens are so promising. Unfortunately, the other serious contender in this field, Qualcomm's Mirasol, just delayed their screen to next year.


The Mirasol displays were supposed to launch this year. Now it's early 2011, at which time the impressive displays (seen above) will probably start popping up in low cost tablets and eReaders, much like the competing screen of note form Pixel Qi (also scheduled to launch around that time).

GigaOm's Om Malik loved the Mirasol at this year's Mobilize 2010 conference, and from the pics he snapped there it's easy to see why.

A shame that we have to wait a bit longer than anticipated. [GigaOm]


It is a very nice unit, but appears to be more aimed at the female market, what with the name that looks like Marisol at a glance and the little butterfly for a logo.

Nonetheless, it looks very good so far, but there seems to be a lot going on on the screen and it's hard to make out what's what. Maybe that's just the current setup, or the fact that the shutter speed is too slow for it, but I'm certainly at a loss trying to distinguish what's happening.

The one potential problem that sticks out is the lack of third party support it will receive, since everyone wants to milk the iPad cash cow for all it's worth right now.

The size of the unit looks just right, particularly for somebody with small hands like me.