Promo for the Cannon Group's Spider-Man film hints of the dark reality that never was

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You probably know that the Cannon Group tried to make a Spider-Man film back in the 1980s, but have you ever seen the preview for this never-made monstrosity? Here's a brief snippet of the eight-legged bullet we dodged.

This promo ran on Cannon Group VHS tapes — to be fair, the Spider-Man in the promo looks no worse than the get-out-the-vote Spider-Man from the early 1990s. However, it's probable that the movie would've resembled American Ninja with a spider costume. The Cannon Group loved ninjas.

If anything, this makes me extremely excited to see the tap-dancing Carnage from Spider-Man: Turn Out The Dark, which I will be attending...the first night of previews. Look for a review on Monday.

[Via Comic Book Movie]