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PS2-less PS3's Coming to the US and Japan?

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Europe already got the shaft from Sony when it came to backwards compatibility and their PS3s. Could the US be next? Rumor has it that Sony is removing the PS2 emotion engine from future PS3 models that are being shipped to the US and Japan to cut costs. That means that, like the Xbox 360, the PS3 will need to use software to render old PS2 games, making many of them unplayable on the new system.


Yeah, removing features, that'll increase your sales. If Sony doesn't pass the manufacturing savings that this gives them onto the customers then I will officially lose the last shred of faith I have for their business acumen. Don't let me down, Sony.


Sony to bring 'PS2-less' PS3 to US, Japan? [Reg Hardware]

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Backward compatibility is a new and irrational obsession among gamers.

Did anyone complain that the SNES couldn't play NES games without an adaptor? Not many, judging by how poorly the adapter sold.

And gosh darnit, you can't play N64 games on a Wii. What's up with that? Oh, that's right, they're completely different formats!

The standardization of data formats has created an unjustified expectation of compatibility. The game discs *look* the same, so they should *play* the same. Would you expect a PS2 game to play in an XBox 360? Of course not! So why would you expect it to play in a PS3?

Because the PS3 is owned by the same company that owns the PS2 API? Well, that's true, and Sony still sells the Playstation 2. You can get one for under $150.

What if I offered you a "PS3 to PS2 adaptor" for $150? Would you buy it? Then go buy a PS2, and play all the games you want, compatibility guaranteed!