PS3 Getting Blu-ray 1.1 Profile Update This Month

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One of the biggest complaints about Blu-ray is that not everyone supports the same "BD Profile," which means not every player has the same capabilities. Don Eklund, EVP of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, promised an update for the PS3, which is the most popular Blu-ray player by far, that will allow the player to support BD Profile 1.1 starting later this month. The update brings the PS3 up to the Final Standard Profile and will give it features like Picture in Picture and an internal memory of at least 256MB (the PS3 obviously has more). We're still waiting for the update to BD Profile Metal Gear Solid 4. [Home Media Magazine via Reg Hardware]




@hmooby: It's an upgrade to the Bluray Movie part of the PS3, basically the stuff that deals with decoding bluray discs and telling it how to do PIP or whatever new features, it's got nothing to do with the other codecs like DivX or Xvid and the such.