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This is what happened at midnight. The mainstream press descends like hyenas on Chris, first man in line. The poor bastard. I estimate he gave over 50 interviews today. I hope it was worth it, dude. While you're servicing the reporters, the #2 guy in line gets to slink away and go play with his PS3. Sony even had a stretch limo give him a ride home. Since when did getting a video game console become like winning the lotto?

Wait a second, wait a second. I know, I didn't fill you in on the last two hours [cue flashback]


This is what happened....Jump!

The PS3 Launch went eerily quiet after the band went on. People stood in line, and there just wasn't anything going on. I went to get a burger (that's when I spilled coke on my pants) and came back. Still nothing going on, except a red bull truck had come by to drop off some drinks. Great, more corporate whoreage.


Rhythm, guys. Climax, guys. My two cents: Put the band on with the rock and roll and lights at 11:30. As their set finishes, set off some fireworks, drop some banners, and march everyone in to get their shiny PS3s. For PS4, don't leave a 1 hour gap in between showtime and go time.

You like that? "Showtime", "Go time."




I'm going to play Wii, wash the cola off my nether regions.and then go to sleep. What a week. Part of me is glad that consoles don't launch every year. But man, when they do, its pretty damn fun.


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