PS3 Slim Vs. Xbox 360 Elite Hardware: Pretty Cut and Dry?

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Kotaku made a handy chart comparing the two $300 game consoles from Microsoft and Sony, and it sure looks like the PS3 comes out on top. Unfortunately, none of this stuff actually sells consoles.

PS3 SlimXbox 360 Elite
Hard Disk Size120GB120GB
USB Ports23
WiFiBuilt-In$99 Add On
Disc DriveBlu-ray/DVD/CDDVD/CD
HDMIYes, no cable includedYes, no cable included
Controllers IncludedOneOne
Last Generation Backwards CompatibilityNoPartial
Online PlayFree$50 a year
Dimensions290 × 65 × 290 mm310 x 80 x 260 mm
Weight3.2 kg3.5 kg

Yes, Blu-ray is a big aspect of what makes the PS3 appealing. But for gamers, is that a huge selling point? As for Wi-Fi, well, that depends on your setup. Most gamers who are serious about playing online probably would rather plug their console right into their router. And Bluetooth? Who gives a shit about Bluetooth?

To be fair, there are definite advantages to PS3 that make it appear to be a better value. Really want a Blu-ray player? Home theater setup too far away from your router to plug the console right in? Turned off by an annual charge for online services? The PS3 is right up your alley.

But for many people who are interested in serious gaming consoles, what matters most is software, not hardware. And the Xbox 360 arguably has the best games library and the best online service. And for me at least, that makes up for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi about 50 times over, which is why I would personally recommend the Xbox 360 to a friend over the PS3. But despite that fact, the decision as to what console to buy has never been harder.

Aw, what the hell. Just buy both. [Kotaku]




PS3 Fanboy time: What are you XBOX people going to do when you are loading 5 different DVDs to play your games? XBOX is touting their game dls now....on a pathetic 120G hard drive. Meanwhile I can go out and pick up a 500G drive for under $75 now and slide it into the PS3 in less then 10 minutes. Microsoft has already admitted that it's online play is behind the times because all the Halo fanboys won't let them upgrade to newer engines.

The only reason that the XBOX is still relevant is because Microsoft is throwing money at the machine to try and keep it's edge [exclusives]. What are you all going to do when they finally realize that is a losing position?

Just wait until you are drooling over Uncharted II...