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This week, Netflix has apparently quietly launched the Classic Balls Puns Based on the Collected Works of Arnold Schwarzenegger segment of its Original Programming*. This is my way of telling you that you can now watch a show called Scrotal Recall.


The concept of Scrotal Recall is basically the same as that episode of The Office where Michael thinks he has herpes and tells everyone but then it turns out it was just a cold sore. Except in this case the protagonist really has a sexually transmitted disease, hence the need for retracing the whereabouts of his scrotum.

I am looking forward to Netflix’s next additions to this groundbreaking genre of streaming entertainment, or— dare I say?— entertaintment:

  • Last Ballsaction Hero
  • Chodenads the Nadsbarian
  • The Legend of Chodenads
  • The Terminutsor
  • The Expendaballs
  • The Expendaballs 2
  • Twins
  • Jiggle All the Way
  • Terminator: Penisys

*Netflix calls this “Original Programming” but my Google sleuthing shows that it originally aired on Channel 4 in the U.K. Netflix you sit on a throne of lies.

H/T Whitson Gordon

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