PSA: Spotify Will Now Let You Share Podcast Timestamps

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Image: Spotify

Spotify is rolling out a handful of new social features.

Among the more notable of these features, beginning today, Spotify is introducing a new tool to allow users to share podcast episodes from a specific point in the program—much like you can on YouTube. Now, in order to share a podcast with a timestamp, click the same “share” button you would normally, toggle on the “share from” button to mark the specific spot you’d like to be shared, and choose which platform you’d like to send it to.

In addition to the new timestamp feature, Spotify is also introducing more options for its short-form looping visuals feature. Canvas was previously available on Instagram Stories but is now available on Snapchat as well. Lastly, Spotify says it has overhauled its Canvas sharing menu to be easier to use and allow you to preview what and where you’re sharing Spotify content.

That Spotify is working to improve its social and sharing features comes as little surprise. Given that Spotify and Apple have for years been at war over content—and more recently, specifically over podcasts—it makes sense that Spotify would invest in tools that would allow its content to be more easily accessible.


Plus, this saves us the trouble of having to share a podcast and double and triple check the timestamp before letting friends know when to start listening. Love that for us.