PSA: The Price Goes Up On Google Play Music All Access At Midnight

There are a ton of great monthly services out there, but if you're signed up for a bunch of them the little costs may be starting to add up. And if a subscription music service is on your list, pay attention because Google Play Music All Access, Google's fancy-shmancy new streaming service, is getting a price bump at midnight. If you join now you get 30 days free and then lock in $8/month. If you join in 12 hours it's gonna be $10 a month. So don't be lazy.


Google Play Music All Access has some drawbacks, like limited social connectivity outside Google+, but it's easy to use, boasts a pleasant UI and has a nice companion app for Android. Plus, it more than adequately pumps the jams. 10 years from now you'll still be paying $8 and you'll be thanking us. Actually, the price will probably have gone up by then/music will stream directly into your soul from Google Loon, but whatever. Do you want to save money now or not?

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