PSP System Update 2.70 Released Today

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

Sony released the 2.70 System Update for the PSP today, so if you're still using yours—all of our friends who own one put theirs away again after finishing Me & My Katamari—consider downloading it through the PSP Browser over WiFi or from The three four key features of this update:

1. They never use the word "podcast" in the documents, but yeah, the PSP plays nicely with them now through the RSS feature. You can choose to either stream or play new audio content on sites you've subscribed to, or save them onto a Memory Stick.


2. Better file compatibility with popular music file formats, including MP3, ATRAC, AAC and WMA, meaning Sony uncrippled the PSP in less time than they semi-uncrippled the MiniDisc. Good job! Now stop trying to force us to use proprietary formats already, we don't like it and you will eventually bend anyway, so why not just give us what we want from the start?

3. The PSP is now a receiver for Sony's LocationFree TV, which they tout as "A completely new way of seeing TV. Instead of going to the television set, the TV comes to you (via your home TV tuner) wherever you are. You can watch live TV, play back recorded programmes and even set up future recordings, all from your PSP." LocationFree launches in May but only in Europe, even though it's been out in Japan and in the US for a while now.

4. Macromedia Flash 6 support for the PSP browser.

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