Pull Your Dog's Hair Out with the Pet Furminator

Illustration for article titled Pull Your Dogs Hair Out with the Pet Furminator

Dog or cat hair problems? The Pet Furminator somehow gets to the undercoat where hair is matted, leaving the shiny topcoat untouched. Looks like a great way to solve that problem of furballs and hairs sticking to everything in your abode, including you. Or, you could solve the problem by just not living with a bunch of animals. Heck, you could just take a cue from the cuisine of some foreign countries, where uttering the sentence "I had a dog" isn't a wistful reminiscence, but refers to last night's dinner. After all, it's all protein. [Hardware Aisle]


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The furminator works. It's astounding. I don't have a dog anymore, so dog hair isn't so much a part of my life, but the furminator really does a great job. I had a lab, so not a terribly complicated coat... YMMV