Pure Audio's new wireless streaming music system was already the most flexible out there, but now the company's opening up its platform even more. Rather than being bound to proprietary apps like the offerings from Sonos, Bose, and Samsung, Pure's multiroom system now works with any app.

Until now, Pure Audio's multiroom wireless music system has worked like many others. You pick from an existing line of speakers and put them all over your house in whatever configuration you'd like. (Or if you want to use existing components, there's a wireless receiver that'll let you do that, too.) Then you control the music that's flowing to all of the speakers using the company's Pure Connect iOS and Android apps.

In fact, Pure's speakers have always been more versatile than the rest because they've got built-in Bluetooth on-board. Now, Pure is leveraging that Bluetooth connectivity so that you can stream to multple spakers from any service or app that's on your phone or tablet. Simply connect your device to one of your Jongo units via Bluetooth and then you can sync the sound across your system using the company's new "Caskeid" technology. From there you can control the music from the Pure Control app as if it was a native session. Additionally, Pure Audio will release a Caskeid API so that third-party developers can build their own apps for the platform—or at least make their apps compatible.


Multiroom streaming music systems are totally wonderful. It's the future. Sometimes the implementation is clunkier than what it should be owing to the constraints of software. For example, Bose barely has any streaming services on board to date, and Sonos' app looks pretty 2009 at this point and needs an overhaul. Even though we haven't had the chance to test out Pure's systems, we're intrigued by the company's attempt to open up its platform to other software. We'll report back when we know how well it works.