Put Blockbuster Out of Business with Flic Scanner, Software

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

This could be the perfect gift this holiday season for that person obsessed with DVDs. Flic is a barcode scanner and software inventory logger that allows persons to keep track of DVDs, CDs and books with ease. Best of all, the software includes a logger—kind of like a checkout service— so you can easily keep track of who has your stuff. You should probably charge for rentals and late fees for the first few checkouts to help pay this baby off. It'll set you back two c-notes.

Product Page [Via SCI FI]

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What some of you fail to get is that using your cell phone or digital camera to capture a large number of bar codes is slow. Using a bar code reader I can scan thousands of bar codes in the same time I can take hundreds of pictures and get them imported and scanned by Delicious Library. The people that this sort of hardware/software combo is aimed at are those that have very large libraries so obviously they are looking at the time investment of entering all the data.

I recently needed to scan a very large number of books and time was tight enough that I didn't even want to fiddle with taking apart and "neutering" a CueCat so I ordered a $90 bar code scanner online, plugged it in the following morning, and scanned the books in one full day of scanning. That would have taken a lot longer with the other solutions that have been discussed here.

If time is not an issue and you're willing to take individual pictures and then have them scanned, great. If you need something speedier, a turnkey solution like this is useful (especially if you aren't technically savvy and just want something that works).

I see these kinds of comments on Gizmodo a lot - people say "been there done that" when there is another procedure or product available but depending on one's needs, even a modest improvement in the time or complexity is for some well worth the additional expense.

To summarize: not everyone is exactly like you. You shouldn't assume that your personal situation and preferences are universal.