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Perhaps the terrorism marketing approach now works best when selling a new iPod product. The Pyp Bomb is a unique little amplifier made out of PVC piping and plastic made for either your iPod or guitar. An odd combo, but the Pyp Bomb has bang (pun not intended) for the buck with 18 watts of power. Not too shabby. When something (like an iPod) is plugged into the 3.5mm phono input jack, sound is optimized for clear, crisp audio for music. Plug a guitar into the 1/4" jack though, and you can switch between electric and acoustic channels to rock out Roy Smeck-style. The Pyp Bomb gets days of battery life too via an internal liquid acid battery. It's available now for $150 but don't blame us when the ATF wiretaps your phone for buying it.


PyP-Bomb iPod/guitar amp available [iLounge]

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