Python Explosive Snake Passage Maker Clears a Warpath Through the Gates of Hell

The Python is a huge snake of explosives, a fire whip half a kilometer long launched from Trojan bulldozer tanks. It opens safe passages for convoys in hostile territory. This video shows it in combat for the first time.

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The explosive whip is propelled by rockets from a barrel on board the Trojan. As it flies through the air—you can see this if you watch the video really closely, at the beginning—the hose is fully deployed, landing along the projected convoy path. When it touches the ground, the Python fires up shattering the terrain and destroying any mine or explosive device planted around it. As Staff Sergeant Mark Eastley—from the 30 Armoured Engineer Squadron of the British Royal Engineers—puts it:

It takes your breath away. You feel the vehicle rock, and in awe of what has just happened. You see the flash, hear the bang and then feel the shock wave.


Click to viewI believe Sergeant Eastley. The weapon itself is not offensive, as it's just designed to open secure passages for both military and civilian people. It was built by BAES for the British Royal Engineers, and it was fired for the first time in Helmand, Afghanistan, as part of Operation Moshtarak. [Ministry of Defense]

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But seriously guys, how much does one shot of this cost? I mean a kilometer of explosives will set you back hundreds of thousands of buck, and for a possible IED that's a bit overkill really isn't it?

In fact I noticed they seem to play it pretty low cost in afghanistan and airsupport for instance is a last choice measure rather than standard now, so i can see the makers wanting to sell this, but in practice it probably isn't doable really, I mean in afghanistan you have thousands of kilometers where there could be IED, and even when you do this the next day a new one could be planted, so yeah it's all 'made for video' really.

Especially since minefields aren't that popular anymore since the global ban on mines.

May become popular for misuse to flatten roads through the rainforests though :/