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Qantas Revives In-Flight Internet With Wi-Fi and Ethernet Access

Illustration for article titled Qantas Revives In-Flight Internet With Wi-Fi and Ethernet Access

Just when most other airlines and airplane manufacturers are removing in-flight internet access, Qantas goes the exact opposite direction (into our hearts) and adds internet access. The A380 and 747-400 planes that will make up their web-enabled fleet will have both Wi-Fi and a charging slot to plug your laptop into. Not much else here in the way of pricing or availability, but expect a lofty surcharge if you want to get a seat with both outlets, an Ethernet port, USB ports, and a 17-inch built-in LCD. Service starts in February 2008, but you'll be getting sub-dialup speeds as everyone clown-cars into a 432kbps connection. [APC Mag]


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Okay, so I haven't been keeping up with wifi on airplanes but WHY do we need wifi? You're confined to your seat! What better place to just stick an ethernet port and screw the whole wireless concern. I don't know of a laptop that doesn't have an ethernet port.

Why screw with wifi at all?