Qualcomm Will Help Any Company Build Smart Light Bulbs

Illustration for article titled Qualcomm Will Help Any Company Build Smart Light Bulbs

You know that magic vision of the future where light bulbs automatically turn on when you enter a room? The tech's nearly here: smart bulbs are popping up left and right. But Qualcomm could wind up accelerating the tech—and guarantee interoperability—with a complete kit that lets companies create their own smart light bulbs.


Created in partnership with LIFX, a company that Qualcomm invested in which produces smart bulbs of its own, it's got everything they need, including the LEDs, Wi-Fi connectivity to let the bulbs hop right on a consumer's home Wi-Fi network (no need for a dedicated hub), and the AllJoyn protocol which should let all sorts of connected devices control the bulbs... not just a limited array of compatible products. It's not clear yet who, if anyone, will take Qualcomm up on the offer and buy the reference designs, but they should be available now.

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