Question of the Day: Do You Get Stuck Fixing Everyone's Gadget Problems?

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The main problem with being tech savvy is that everyone looks to you to solve their gadget-related issues. I mean, I'm happy to help but sometimes I just want to say "go and Google it dammit!" This is especially true with anything computer related. You know what I'm talking about-that frantic call from a friend who says their computer isn't working, so you go over there and find it unplugged. Seriously, I don't know how IT people can stand it. So, my question is: are you one of those people that gets stuck fixing everyone's gadget problems?

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2 things that drive me NUTS about fixing people's stuff.

1. A lot of the time I don't have a solution since there are a multitude of factors that cause computers/gadgets to go silly. I usually have to google and spend several hours searching forums myself. Essentially, RESEARCH IT YOURSELF before calling me. Hell, that's pretty much how I've become tech savvy to begin with.

2. I've recently made a pact to myself when it comes to tech support or software. If the only time you call or talk to me is when you need help, wank off. I've gotten to the point where I let certain people go right to voicemail because I know what they really want.