Question of the Day: What Do You Use To Record Your TV Shows?

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The news that TiVo has brought back lifetime subscriptions got me thinking about how many people subscribe to TiVo versus going with a cable DVR or a PC-based method. In my opinion, it doesn't really matter as long as I don't have to sit through LOST with a commercial break popping up every 5 minutes. So, the question is, what do you use to record your favorite TV shows?



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Broken Machine

Vista Media Center based computer in the basement. It's mounted near the ceiling, with inner wall wiring up to the living room Plasma. a USB hub is hooked to an active USB extender, and I have a wireless Media Center keyboard and a Wiimote with GlovePIE used to navigation. Media Center upstairs using a 360 as well - it lets me view recorded programs on either TV.

For now I have one tuner, I do not subscribe to cable. Because of the writer's strike I haven't had to purchase another tuner but may have to if 24 and Heroes have conflicting schedules again.

I may replace the Media Center server with WHS if MS implements proper a proper Media Center in WHS along with DVR functions. Oh Yeah, They have to fix the data corruption bug too. I'd replace the whole thing with AppleTVs if Apple makes one with DVR functions (I don't like paying for TV shows, but seem to have no problem spending coin on the gadgets to get said shows for free)