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Our half-sister, Lifehacker, points out to a very convenient tip if you happen to misplace your cellphone charger while on vacation.

In fact, so many travelers lose their cell phone chargers, chances are that your hotel will have a few spares behind the desk. And, if it fits your phone, the charger is (usually) yours. Of course, this isn't an open invite to just go losing those chargers willy-nilly, but like the penny at the checkout stand, you know it's probably there if you need it.


The commenter, 3dogs, also points out that flea markets often have baskets full of chargers. Other commenter, RHazlett mentions that cellphone stores will sometimes let you use their chargers for a quick juice-up to last a couple more days until you get home. No need to drop money on a new charger when you can get the job done for free.

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